Phonetic Password Generator

Phonetic Password Generator 1.0

Generate easy to remember -yet hard to crack- passwords


  • Passwords are really easy to remember


  • No configuration options

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When you need to come up with a new password, there are two possible options: either you choose a really easy one (easy to remember, easy to crack) or you grab hold of a password generator to create unpronounceable words that you just can't memorize.

Phonetic Password Generator solves this issue by providing you with another option: generate easy-to-remember, yet hard-to-crack passwords. Simply select the number of passwords to create and their desirable length (no other options are available) and the program will automatically create make up words that don't exist but that at the same time are easy enough to read and memorize.

Phonetic Password Generator is a simple application to easily create secure yet pronounceable passwords.

Just select how many passwords you want to create and how long they should be. The program will immediately generate a list with passwords that can be easily memorized.

Obtain a phonetic friendly password with Phonetic Password Generator and forget about that gibberish nobody is able to remember.

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Phonetic Password Generator


Phonetic Password Generator 1.0

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